Audience Specific.
Screen Agnostic.

Targeted Victory began in 2009 with the goal of bringing digital
expertise to power Republican campaign efforts.

In the years since, we've anchored digital campaigns on the local, state, and
presidential level. We've grown in size and sophistication, employing over 70 people
with collective decades of experience. Our capabilities are both wide and deep,
both scalable and measurable. And our holistic campaign solutions have set
standards and empowered audiences across the nation.

Inspired Strategies.
The Minds Behind Them.

An agency is nothing without its talented parts.

We take pride in ours: an eclectic mix of political strategy and analytic smarts, with a potent creative streak and an entrepreneurial spirit that shows in the work we do.

Together, we bring an experienced and highly capable team to every project.


Uniquely Scalable. Completely Trackable.

A Targeted Victory campaign is different. It's smart from the start, planned and directed with proprietary intelligence from every campaign we've worked on. It's measured, tracking exactly what's performing. And it's evolutionary, as we continuously steer the campaign towards the messaging and audiences that matter most.



Expand your core supporters. We begin by creating a comprehensive strategy to organically build your network, taking care to engage those off the grid.



We work to build new relationships and deepen existing ones through multi-channel strategies that inspire and reaffirm advocacy from within your target audiences.



Invigorate your audience with messaging that drives action online and offline. Tie it all together with campaign analytics and goal tracking that clearly shows the value of your spend.

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