Our Services

Client Strategy

A seasoned collection of junior and senior level partners, fluent in campaign planning across the local, state and national level. As intermediaries, they work between the client and internal teams to design and execute inclusive digital strategies.

Development & Design

Our design and development team does everything from print and digital advertising to design and development of apps and entire websites. Unlike some agencies, our work is done in-house, ensuring creative that is on time and budget.

Online Advertising

From search, social and video advertising to demographic, behavioral, and geographic targeting, our online advertising solutions are powerful and accurate. Our targeting incorporates offline data to create and serve unique audiences. Not just “big data” – useful data.

Email Marketing

Our dedicated email marketing team is well-trained in list building and maintenance, microtargeting, and deliverability. Real-time tracking enables them to optimize campaigns for best performance to guide present and future strategy.

Online Fundraising

Campaigns don't succeed without fundraising, and fundraising no longer succeeds without a sophisticated digital strategy. Our comprehensive, adaptive fundraising solutions pull in experienced people from across the agency.

Analytics Management

The single largest advantage to a digital campaign is the accountability that comes with measuring and reporting its performance. A campaign with Targeted Victory comes with complete analytics reporting that seamlessly integrates data from all parts of your digital strategy in one place to advise action.