Zac Moffatt interviewed by TechRepublic

June 16, 2016 by Team Targeted Victory

Four years ago, Co-Founder Zac Moffatt was working as Digital Director for the Romney for President Campaign. In 2012, campaigns were just beginning to understand, and harness, the power of data and analytics to make decisions and direct campaign spending. Since then, investing in data and digital has become more than a standard. In 2016, it’s a necessity.

Our co-founder joined TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson for a detailed interview on the evolution of the modern campaign, what’s most important in the 2016 cycle, and what Zac expects from elections to come. You can see the excerpts below, and the full article over at TechRepublic’s site.

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Zac featured on Ad Age’s Campaign 2016 panel “The Programmatic Effect”