VIDEO: Challengers that outperform do this one thing well…

September 22, 2016 by Team Targeted Victory

Earlier this month, Co-Founder Zac Moffatt was interviewed at the Beet.TV summit on politics and advertising in Washington, DC.  Looking beyond 2016, the increasingly fractured media landscape means optimizing your linear television is critical.  It’s “the single most important thing a campaign can do,” says Moffatt.

“Being able to optimize your linear television is going to be the single most important thing a campaign can do.”

When it comes to spending that first dollar of your campaign’s advertising budget, Moffatt shared a strong message: the first thing you do should actually be the last thing.

“Most campaigns aren’t willing to identify what need to be done first,” he said.  “We all know what needs to be done last, which is buying the television…but they make that the first thing they do…that’s to the detriment of these campaigns.”

“The reality is that by optimizing television you could find 10, 15, 20 percent budget savings, which could power your turnout programs, your digital programs, your mail programs,” said Moffatt. “To me it’s unleashing the creative potential of what it costs to do things on a campaign.”

His advice? If you want to outperform your opponent, toss the traditional DC playbook and run an unconventional campaign.

See more highlights and coverage over at’s website, and check out the full interview with Zac below.